Moisturizing bath

Moisturize the skin during bathing is as important as doing it later. I can say that I do not spend a day without puting cream on my body after bathing. It is true that my skin is dry but even if your isn't, it's really important to moisturize, so that it won't loose the natural elasticity, avoiding rifling.

These are my for favorites to wash and moisturize my body at the same time:
From left to right:
Lierac Prescription, Cleasing Cream, extra rich without soap for dry and sensitive skin.
Lierac gel douche Sensoriel, hydration 24h
Caudalie duche Pêche de Vighe
Barral Dermaprotect, Dermatological Cleasing Cream Creme

Have you tried any of this? Let me know wich is your favorite.
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