Can't live without

As much as I want summer to come back soon, I'm not gonna change the natural course of things, so let's stop talking a bit about summer and nice weather. I want to share with you a few things I cannot live without in the winter:
Black tea with milk (a very british tradition - I'm not british, but I can't live without this pleasure) 
Fireplace - is there something better to do in a rainy, windy winter night? I could tell you better things to do, but with warm weather, off course!
Hot water bag - I confess, sometimes I sleep with two - one for my feet and another to heat my hands. ahahah
I'm really a chilly person. The first thing I do when I arrive home is to heat the water and fill in the water bag.
I even wrap my pajamas around it so it can be warmer before wearing it!
Any more winter habits?
COURAGE guys, spring is almost here...
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