Get in shape for Summer

I said here that I needed a range of incentives to #summerproject remember?
This is another one that will start NOW! Since I saw the ad on TV I was thinking that this combo looks perfect:
It is not to lose 10kg, but I want to get rid of those accumulated fats and fluid retention that feeds the "dear" cellulite! ahhh
Along with the regular running, lots of water, drainage massages and healthy food, I am sure it´s possible!!
The pills help reduce appetite (at night does not give you hungry?? it does to me!!!) Take up 2 before main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with 1 or 2 glasses of water.
  The ampoules end up with fluid retention and help achieve results faster and more effectively. One ampoule is dissolved in 1.5 l of water and drink up throughout the day.
War declared fats! So, who's with me?

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