Golden Globes Beauty

Did you watch the Golden Globes last night?
I've commented some on the facebook fun page, but then I got sleepy with the boring dresses...
That's why I prefer to comment on the hair and makeup:
Jennifer Lawrence
My favorite hair of the night maybe, a little bit messy, with some braids coming up there. So chic! In the makeup, eyes is the only thing you see there. I liked it. Did you?
Julianne Hough
Absolutely loved her hair and makeup and the dress (until the waste line - from there down it was terrible)
Jessica Chastain
I liked the hair long wavez - a little bit weird in the front, but ok. Just love the color of her hair (someday, when I have courage, I will do something like that! ahah) Focus on the lashes.
Megan Fox
She is absolutely gorgeous, isn't she? She can put anything on and she kicks anyway! Focus on the eyes and nude lips. Big waves on the hair, just for one side - liked it a lot!
And, off course, the accessories are great!
Emily Blunt
I love this hairdo (ok, maybe not for this occasion, but she's gorgeous anyway). Also liked makeup and earings.
Julian Moore
Perfect face, no doubt! Loooove the earings!
Jessica Alba
One of the few that went with colored lips. More large waves on the hair (one sided)
Katharine McPhee
Maybe the stongest eyes of the night, but I loved it! Also loved the hair - I am so into top knots - I might have thought that neckline too exaggerated, but on her anything feels right! ahah
Marion Cotillard
We're used to see her with updo's but I really liked to see her like this, simple. The makeup is absolutely gorgeous!

Basically, most of them were quite discreet in the makeup and hair, and I liked that. The dresses we not to die for, in my opinion.
Any favorite?
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