In Rio...

It was just a quick stop in Rio... only 3 days but it's always wonderful to come back!
I went with my friend Inês (check out her blog here), who works in the aviation - a great way to travel low cost and have fun with one of your best friends!
I was already missing my favorite city, last time I was there was in March and the Brazilian summer is all the best! Specially if you're living in a cold winter like here in Portugal
Here are some pictures:
Breakfast in Talho Capixaba - the best in the world: (Ataúlfo de Paiva, Leblon)
"Rio beautiful beach" - I agree!

Having a nice beer in Leblon beach
(Shorts - Farm | t-shirt - Zara | Havaianas | sunnies - Oakley)
Going for a healthy lunch
Lunch in Celeiro restaurant in Dias Ferreira, Leblon
Family in Rio
Beach without coconut water is not the same thing!
After a beach day, shopping time is needed! ahah
Back to Lisbon, with a different view. Loved it!

Tomorrow more news from Rio, stay tuned!

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