Overnight cure

The beginig of the year is the perfect timing to restore the energy of our skin. The new Botanical D-Tox from Sisley is almost in the market and I'm dying to try it.
It's not a regular moisturizer, it's an overnight detoxifying (must be used alone, even without eye cream). 
During sleeping hours the skin is naturally in regeneration phase and begins the process of repairing the damage of the day, that's why moisturizing the skin at night with a special cream is so important. Although some creams can be used both morning and night, I prefer not to do it - I like having a specific cream to each occasion.
This cream is to be used as a 4-week cure and actuates in 3 levels:
1. It is a powerful detoxifying
2. Stimulates natural defenses of the skin against stress. I mean, increases the defenses of our skin against daily aggressions
3. It's like a "shock treatment" for the skin
Who doesn't need a skin shock treatment once in a while? In the beginning of a new year, at the end of winter, beginning of spring, after pregnancy, accumulated jet lag, sleepless nights... so many times!
all I need right now!
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