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Beauté = Vic Ceridono
Do you know Vic Ceridono? She is the Beauty Editor from Vogue Brasil and the person behind Dia de Beauté.

We love her work and we'd like to share with you a little bit more about this brasilian beauty muse:
{ Vic, tell us a little bit about yourself }
"I've always loved the universe of beauty, today I consider myself very lucky to be able to work with that. I love my work in Vogue - being beauty editor, my job is to coordinate the whole section, even if I am not the one writing all the articles. I spend all my day thinking in beauty eheh! I also love writing on the blog, it's like a child for me! Even it can not be my number 1 priority, it's always on my mind and I try to keep up the beat. I'm not lacking subjects, the problem is time to run it"

{ Who are your beauty muses? }
"Cate Blanchett - I want to grow old like her, her hair and makeup are always impeccably done, without being too much.
I like a natural look, even with stronger makeup on it. Emma Stone got my attention and I also love Keira Knightley and Sarah Jessica Parker. For me, beauty cannot be obvious, it has to have personality and style! "

{ 5 products that must be in a women's beauty kit? }
"Blush, concealer, eyelash curler, mascara, black eye pencil and lipstick. Ups, there wete six of them!!"

{ Favorite Beauty Ritual? }
"More than anything, I love massages. My dream is to do it every single day!! Still not possible for me, but whenever I can I go to Kennuzur Spa in São Paulo, which is a magical and wonderful place to go. I also do shiatsu at home, when I have time every week. Do my nails every week is quite a brazilian habit that I don't live without. I also love going to the hair saloon when I have a wedding - I do the makeup myself at home - it's other favorite beauty ritual I do have, I would just like to do it more often!"

{ Which Brazilian beauty brands should exist in Portugal? Some of those we cannot miss when visiting Brazil}

"I believe Natura is the biggest brand that represents Brazil - I specially love the Ekos line with moisturizers, soaps and bath products. Another one I'm in love with is Quem disse, Berenice? It's new in the market and it's part of Boticário group. You have lots of color options, que quality is very good and affordable. You also have to know Phebo and Granado - very traditionals with gorgeous packagings, a very brazilian DNA! 
Ah! I cannot forget to talk to you about Sol de Janeiro, a new brand specialized in sun protection, very brazilian and great quality!"

{ Which is the trend for summer makeup (here it's still winter!)}
"We are still in summer here in Brazil, we have reversed seasons! Here in the summer it's all about vibrant lips! Red, orange and pink are the hits. Natural skin, not quite dull is also a strong trend."

{ Beauty porweful tip }
"Besides using sun protector every single day to avoid premature aging - basic but I couldn't not talk about this! - I think everyone should exfoliate the skin once a week. The skin gets immediately smoother!"

{ Beauty wishes for 2013? } 
"Have more time to do my makeup!! We need to try different looks, right?"
Did you like the enterview? Victoria is so kind and sweet. Thanks a lot Vic!
Big kiss!

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