21 in a row

One of my new year's resolutions:
Remember my resolutions? Read them here.
This was the first resolution, which I'd started in 2012 (on the 23rd of December to be more precise). The goal is to do it 21 days in a row, so that it will become an habit! ;)
Lost a couple of days in the middle, because my knee was hurt (I think I'm an athlete, when I'd only started a few days earlier...)
To get motivated, I need some incentives and this was the first:
Depurativo Express - to purify the body after the holidays and start my summer project clean and perfectly ready!
You can buy it in Celeiro (a bio store full of healthy and marvelous things to eat) and take it for 7 days (I'm done already and can tell you I feel lighter and more purified)
I hope getting this habit quickly and influence some of you - follow me on Instagram (@styleitup) and start this summer project with me!
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