Don't be lazy

The last few days haven't been easy to my summer project!
A really bad combo lately.
But it's over!
Let's go back to running - had been on a daily basis, but with the poor weather conditions (rain + strong wind) have slowed the rhythm...
I'm still firm on my new year's resolution and you? Are you motivated or lazy?
In fact, we need to have willpower and inspiration is also good - remember the post about Thaila? I pretend doing more so I get inspired and so do you, right? 

A few tips that helps me fight the lazyness:

1. Do exercise for yourself: because you want to be healthier, because you want to be fit, whatever your reasons are. You are the one who wins in all this.
2. Rest once in a while - you don't need to exercise every single day! My case is different, I cannot pause so may times, otherwise my body gets lazy and lazy...
 3. If you need, grab that gym-aholic friend and go with her!
4. Exercise in the morning, before your brain even realises what you're doing! It works with me.
Do you want to share any other tip?
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