Now it´s the time! - part I

  I am ready to make some big changes in my life! Now it´s the time!
Am I prepared? I am! if I want to adopt a more healthy lifestyle? Yes! Am I compromised? Also! If I'm willing to make sacrifices (drop the gums at night while I watch TV for example)? let's see! ahahaha
This is my plan and it better work!

1. Power Plate. It's the only thing that makes me go to the gym! Allows an intense 30-minute workout and you actually feel the results!  2 times a week is my goal (just for starters ok?)

2. Drink water. Lot´s of water! 
3. Trekking in the weekend. Just pray that the weather will stay good if not quickly if not it will be double sacrifice!
4. Eat more fruit and vegetables. I realized that I am not eating enough fruit! How is that possible?!
5. Devote my body and soul to massages and treatments located. (This is the best part of this plan! Ahahahahah)

There is no excuse to fail!
Promise to go giving more news OK?     

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