Running style

Vale ir buscar inspiração a qualquer lado, desde que nos motive a fazer qualquer coisinha pela nossa saúde (e pelo corpinho, já agora!)
As long as we keep the motivation on, we are allowed to get inspiration from everywhere we want, right?
Items to incentivate me:
1. jacket H&M - because it's too cold outside and I need to stay warm - at least in the beginning.
2. top H&M - please don't tell me you're using your everyday bra to practice exercise! You need a good support to your breast, no matter the size you are.
3. shorts H&M - I still haven't seen these in stores, but I want them! I need them! To keep up my motivation, off course.
4. pouch H&M - sometimes I think I really need this to carry the keys but than I'm affraid I would carry everything in there..
5. watch Nike + Sportwatch Gps Tomtom - I'm quite tempted to buy this.
6. Runners Nike - for those who run constantly, it's quite important to have a good pair of runners.

I could have talked about the water bottle, many people use it when running, but I don't think it's quite handy for me, when I don't even remember I'm thirsty...
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