Body business

I love a beauty routine - I do it every single day.
Today, I'm here to share some products I'm using right now:

1. Tightening body cream StriVectin-TL - I'd never tried this one before but I'm quite happy with it. Improves skin elasticity and refines body contours. Apply in critical areas.
2. Scrubbing tool Sephora. I use it once a week, in the shower.
3. Body milk (dry and sensitive skin) Lierac Prescription. my skin is dry and I need a good hydration everyday - this one is great!
4. Body scrub Caudalie - love this product. I'm using it for years!
5. Shower cream (dry and sensitive skin) Lierac Prescription. I love this brand and this one is divine!
6. Long lasting tan mousse Vita Liberata - I can't stand my palid body skin at the moment. Until summer is not here, I'm trying this tan mousse and so far so good!
7. Feet cream Neutr√≥gena. Nobody deserves dry feet, right?
8. Anti-aging corrective serum for neck Biotherm. Because not only our face deserves special treatment.

The only golden rule I do believe when it comes to beauty products is:
You cannot expect miracles if you start using a anti-cellulitis cream 2 weeks before going to the beach!
Want to share any special product from that side? Go ahead!

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